Poets, slammers, writers and artists; have you ever dreamed of going to space?

Stuck glow-in-the-dark stars on your bedroom ceiling, tried to read the Moon in braille, lay in the grass to watch the cacophony of night sky constellations…

What if your poetry became the canvas of a wonderful space journey?
What if your poetic universe became tangible for a moment and you could take your audience on an odyssey through time and stars?
What if all this happened live in the largest planetarium in Europe while you perform?

Are you tempted?
Then waste no time to register for the BPPF Open Call!

Write an original text of 5 min that will make us soar past worlds and the heavens and send it in via the form below.

Conditions for participation:

  • You are currently living in Belgium or have a very tangible connection to Belgium
  • Your work is linguistic or visual (if the work is textually meaningful, it is for the most part written in one of the three official national languages or in English).
  • Your work will be performed live and is suitable for this purpose
  • Your work is not longer than 5 minutes
  • Your work responds to the theme of the BPPF
  • You’ve submitted your material before midnight on June 31st via the online form below


  • A jury made up of poets will make a selection of texts, those selected will receive a remuneration
  • Selected artists will receive a message at the end of of August
  • The decision of the jury will not be communicated

Selected artists:

  • Receive remuneration for the creation and performance of the work and are included in the festival promotion
  • Are expected on December 15th for a dress rehearsal with the projection technician
  • Perform the submitted work live on December 15th and 16th 2023 in the Planetarium on the Brussels Heysel in front of a live audience