On September 9th and 10th of 2022, the work of internationally renowned word artists will be performed in Europe’s largest planetarium.

Artists currently living in Belgium, can apply for a spot in our programme, by creating new work to display to a wide audience in this unique context.

Brussel Planetarium Poetry Fest
Performance is the main focal point at Brussels Planetarium Poetry Fest. The poetry festival is dedicated to contemporary, experimental and innovative work and guarantees an exciting evening filled with new insights. Moreover, the festival location is the beautifully renovated Planetarium on the Brussels Heysel.

The invited poets and performers will each create new work, specifically for the festival. The programmers of the Planetarium translate these texts and recordings into unique dome projections that will be projected during the live performance. In this way image, sound and language form an all-encompassing experience.

In addition to our (inter)national programme, we’ve created an extra opportunity for interesting performers from our own country, who have so far escaped our notice. We offer two artists the opportunity to present their work during our upcoming festival on September 9th and 10th. Of course this will be remunerated according to the standard rates. With this open call we want to provide new talent with opportunities and at the same time broaden our view of the literary and artistic field.

Conditions for participation:

  • You are currently living in Belgium;
  • Your work is linguistic or visual (if the work is textually meaningful, it is for the most part written in one of the three official national languages or in English).
  • Your work will be performed live and is suitable for this purpose
  • Your work is not longer than 5 minutes
  • Your work responds to the BPPF’s themes
  • You’ve submitted your material before midnight on July third via the online form at poetryfest.brussels/opencall.


  • The work submitted will be judged by a professional jury.
  • Selected artists will receive a message in the week of July 11th.
  • The decision of the jury will not be communicated.

Selected artists:

  • Receive remuneration for the creation and performance of the work and are included in the festival promotion.
  • Are expected on September 9th for a dress rehearsal with the projection technician
  • Perform the submitted work live on September 9th and 10th 2021 in the Planetarium on the Brussels Heysel in front of a live audience