Every year our capital city is the scene of the unique gathering of national and international experimental poets under (and on) the dome of the Planetarium: the Brussels Planetarium Poetry Fest (BPPF).

In this tenth edition of the ever-growing festival, we emphasize the creative use of new technologies in the field of projections through a collaboration with students of MaxLab (University of Antwerp/AP University College) and we further emphasize our international values and collaboration. This is the fifth year that Willemsfonds Brussels and the Planetarium have joined forces to realize the festival, renamed Brussels Planetarium Poetry Fest (BPPF).

At the BPPF, 9 poets and artists will be invited to create a performance especially for the Planetarium and present it on Friday and Saturday nights. Experimental performance is central to this, because in addition to reciting one’s own work, the interplay with the 360° projection on the dome is especially important. The participating artists are proposed to concentrate their work on the interaction between creation(myths), origin, space and language/poetry.

For the projections, existing and purchased images, specially made 3D projection models, photos/films of artists and results of scientific research will be used. In addition, this year the students of MaxLab, under the guidance of the Planetarium’s technician, will create new projections for the winners of the Open Call. During the BPPF, a unique collaboration between poetry, performance and technology is created, where each poet can present their culture.