Open call (EN)


  • Conditions for participation:
    • You are currently living in Belgium
    • Your work is linguistic or visual (if the work is textually meaningful, it is largely written in one of the three official national languages).
    • Your work will be performed live and is suitable for this purpose
    • Your work is no longer than 10 minutes
    • Your work responds to the BPPF’s themes
    • You’ve sent in your material before midnight on July 16th via the online form
  • Procedure:
    • The work submitted will be judged by a professional jury.
    • Selected artists will receive a message in the week of August 17th.
    • The decision of the jury will not be communicated.
  • The selected artists:
    • receive remuneration for the creation and performance of the work and are included in the festival promotion.
    • are expected on the September 10th for a dress rehearsal with the projection technician
    • perform the submitted work live on September 11th and 12th 2020 in the Planetarium on the Brussels Heyselvlakte in front of a live audience
  • Conditions:
    • When selected artists are – for any reason whatsoever – no longer able to fullfill their obligations, they will be removed from the programme and cannot derive rights.
    • When the organization decides that – for any reason whatsoever – this edition of Brussels Planetarium Poetry Fest cannot take place, selected artists cannot derive rights.
    • The jury aims to select two applicants, but can also select only one applicant, or no applicants at all if the quality of the proposals so warrants.


N.B. You will be redirected to Google Forms

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