Chibida & Kavena (BE)

Live performance (20’)
Friday, 21.40h




• Slam and rap •

Kavena Gomos is a young slammer/rapper from Asse, but he prefers to be defined as a poet, a qualification which more represents his universe.

He participated in a number of slam scenes, in Brussels especially Théâtre de la vie and Pianofabriek. In 2016, he was third at “Street talent”, a competition organised by the youth of Molenbeek and was the opening act during the festival “Francofaune” with other musicians.

• Afrop • French Chanson of the world •

Singer-Songwriter and leading voice of the new generation of the Congolese music scene, Chibida Dumbu is unique in his style because he appropriates the different styles he he came across during his musical career (ndombolo, r’n’b, coupé-décalé,…).

A world music style which is situated between Europe and Africa, to which the whole world can dance to.

Image and sound

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