Artiestencollectief JA! (BE)

Recorded performance (’40)
Friday, 20.20h


Andries De Bock — guitar, guitarsynthesizer (Stekene)
Bart De Vos — video artist (Stekene)
Fjorton – voice, found objects (Oostakker-Ghent)
Jay van Rumste – guitar, computer, mixing (Stekene)
Johan De Bock — video, software and technical support (Stekene)
Maarten De Bock – sax, synthesizer, sampling (Stekene)
Philip Meersman — voice, found objects (Brussels)

What is Artiestencollectief JA!
The aim of the collective is to create a dynamic, interactive and electrifying combination of poetry, music and video on a professional level. While the music is entirely improvised and primarily meant to enhance the words of the poets, the poetry itself is a blend of sampled words and sentences and improvisation -sometimes with a strong tendency towards spoken word performance.

The video artists, meanwhile, add to and accompany this blend of poetical and musical imagery with a unique visual language, translating and sculpting what they hear and feel, and in turn injecting new imagery and unexpected points of view into the stream of events.

Images and sound

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